Interview with Sonia from the “Mas de So”

20 Apr 2016, Posted by Romain in Adresses
Le Mas de So
This week, we met the bubbly Sonia, from the Mas de So estate, where we regularly go to style beautiful brides’ hair. She told us about this magnificent reception venue, about the brides and grooms she welcomes there each year, her best anecdotes and about… hairstyling !

Reasons why we recommend the Mas de So to our brides

What makes you different from the other domains in Provence ?  What makes your Mas unique ?

In my opinion, we are totally different to other estates.

Our clients are at home, we offer turnkey stays with a “à la carte” service, which enables them to have private or professional guests, in a place which is atypical, out of the ordinary.

For brides and grooms, the fact that they can make themselves and their guests at home adds conviviality to their stay, and our 4 days package enables them to make the most of each and every moment, before and after the wedding.

We were taken by the Mas de So, with Stéphane, the founder of the place ! I am obviously biased, but it is filled with magic waves !

We (there is two of us) manage the place in a natural and personalised way, but always professional and selective.

Marie-Ange, the Angel of the Mas, forever smiling, lives on site and pampers our clients 24h/24. She cooks, upkeeps the Mas and is at their disposal whatever they need.

Myself, non the less smiley, organise the stays according to our customers’ expectations, with a dedicated care.

We have a special relationship with our brides and grooms, but also with our various partners who work at the Mas. Warm welcome, hot coffee, home-made (compulsory !) cakes…a glass of rosé or “blanquette de veau” (veal stew) depending on the time of the day… :-)

Indeed, I need to get to know my guests and collaborators, I like to exchange with them, personally and professionally, always in an authentic way. I am delighted to follow them up during the planning of their wedding, to see them again and hug them when they get back.

We constantly join in with the wedding planners and other service providers. We enjoy feeling a good team spirit, professional but solid together, always in a good mood.

Domain the Mas de So

You do not mention weddings on your websites. How many do you host every year ?

Indeed, it is a paradox… We do not mention events on our website. You will note that we do not provide our address either…

The location remains confidential and so is the amount of weddings we host each year, in order to preserve the premises, our neighbours and the brides and grooms to be’s identity.

We hold approximatively 8 weddings per year as well as various private and professional events. But I have to admit that we are currently on a new website featuring all the different packages we offer, with splendid photos !

Are there many brides and grooms from overseas ?

Occasionally and regularly, we receive guests from Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, China… For big weddings as well as more intimate ones, with 20 or 30 people. The venue is magic for the organisation of more intimate events, and we love to mix together and discover new traditions and cultures.

Domain the Mas de So

In which way is your venue adapted to the organisation of a wedding ?

Surprisingly, the fact that the Mas de So was not a reception venue originally makes it unique and more adaptable for any new type of event.

Every wedding is different and each event is unique.

We love to imagine new scenarios, create and discover new settings, according to the bride and groom’s personality and the wedding planners’ suggestions.

Our strength comes from the fact that we are able to adapt to each demand, from a private stay with 2 people to a wedding with 200 persons, including photo shoots or seminars.

It is our challenge : to have each time an hyper-personalised offer. It is what we like above all.

The different areas of the domain enable us to hold a variety of events : cocktails, ceremonies, lunches, dinners, brunches, food trucks…

We therefore organised secular ceremonies, facing a one-hundred-year-old olive tree, in the woods,  by the swimming-pool, or next to our beautiful ruin,  our Bar Pergola Swimming-Pool, with its superb view over the vineyards, the nature area “Olive trees and Lavender”…

Our stunning red polished concrete terrasse is the identity and key area of the Mas de So, adapted to each occasion. With its waterproof shade sail , we can have receptions regardless of the weather.

The summer kitchen and its open-air-café atmosphere, amongst the vines, regularly becomes a cosy smokers’ corner, a dance-floor or else a stage for concerts and orchestras…

Our field can host events with more people or becomes a playground.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to customising your event !

Moreover, the Mas was renovated in order for us and our guests to welcome their friends and/or colleagues. The whole infrastructure was designed with that same aim : high quality furniture and materials, suitable video and sound system…

Domain the Mas de So

How long in advance should reservations be made ?

It all depends on dates and availabilities. For instance, we are currently starting to plan a wedding which will take place mid-September.

What is your best memory during a wedding ?

A magic one ! We have such exceptional brides and grooms that most of the time, they become friendly with us and our service providers.

When H&R got married, their guests and our team of partners all ended up on the dance-floor together, on the bridal couple’s request.

The bride ended up on stage with our Chef ! They put out a fabulous show !

Who are the most original bride and groom you’ve met ?

It’s difficult to say given that every wedding is different at the Mas de So. All our to-be-married couples bring their touch and their personality.

Nothing is ever definite. We love to change our habits, to vary scenarios.

I am also thinking about D & S who announced they had gotten married during the party !

Domain the Mas de So

Where does the bride’s usually get ready ?

In the main bedroom, which overlooks the swimming-pool.

There are blinds which enable the bride to see what’s happening outside without being seen… The light filtering through is beautiful.

Do you propose any unusual activities for the bride and groom and/or their guests ?

Our premises and various partners offer many activities :

  • Well-being : sauna, jacuzzi, beauticians, masseuses, yoga
  • Sports : coaches, heated pool, tennis courts, walks, cycling, “pétanque”, horse riding
  • Wines and gastronomy : cooking classes, wine and cheese tastings, oenology lessons…

Domain the Mas de So

Can you mention a few wedding professionals who you like to collaborate with and whom you would recommend to our brides and grooms ?

There are many of them ! We do not demand our guests to choose any particular professional, and therefore we come across beautiful encounters each time.

On the wedding planners’ side, I would mention :

  • Aurélie R. Private Events, she is the bride’s fairy, and her services are “top luxury”. Highly professional, dedicated and up to all challenges.
  • Maeva & Cedric, Monsieur plus Madame, for their tranquil force. High quality, from A to Z.
  • Amandine and Géraldine, from Dites Moi Oui, for their rigour, their vitality, their smiles, their professionalism.
  • Perrine, Madame Coquelicot, for her funky side, her dedication and her freshness.

And on the artists side :

  • Anais RUIZ, from Canopea Design, florist and decorator without equal.
  • Johanna from Style it, amazing, dedicated, one of my favourites.
  • And of course, La Conciergerie Daniel Chavey ;-)

And the blogs…

Domain the Mas de So

According to you, which is THE bride’s hairstyle in 2016 ?

The “coiffé-décoiffé” : hairstyle of the year !

Then, I must say that my favourite is the lacy headband.

And the most different hairstyle you have seen ?

I wouldn’t call it “different”, as I have seen it a few times… Loose hair with a huge colourful flower crown. I love it !

How did you meet us the first time ?

It is one of our brides who told us about your precious and unavoidable address. Daniel had just settled in the Avignon area.

Is there a message you would like to convey to the bride-to-be who reads this article ?

“Be yourself. Surround yourself with your loved ones. Plan your special day according to your personality. Chose the most suitable service providers, it is essential.

Si tout est bien structuré en amont, il n’y aucune raison de s’inquiéter.

If everything is well planned ahead, there is no need to worry.

Enjoy your wedding : before, during, and ever after…”  ;-)


For more information about the Mas de So, take a look at the website presenting this exceptional mas provençal.

Photos credit : Lifestories Wedding, Les Cocottes Wedding Planner – Banner : Monsieur + Madame.

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