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Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot

04 Aug 2014, Posted by Daniel Chavey in Eye Glasses, Headdress, Make-Up, Shooting

The following images were shot in Christelle Gilles’ studio, staging very graphic retro-futuristic fashion headdresses. In the months to come, we aim to develop bride’s headdresses. We already have orders, which you will soon be able able to see photos of. Beyond the cliché of the medical hairpiece, they are refined tailor-made fashion accessories, made out of flowers or lace.

Many thanks to Julie Lambert of Lambert Optikk for lending us her very original frames, French made, by Caroline ABRAM and Traction Production.

I take this opportunity to let you know that, in the near future, we will proceed to the rental of very chic sunglasses, in collaboration with Julie.

Models : Camille Panicz and Nella Fragola

Make up: Manon Amiel

Perruques Mode Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles3 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles4 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles5 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles6

Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot