You already know about the Conciergerie Daniel Chavey wedding hair styling and makeup services. We now offer a range of luxury hair accessories ! It includes haute-couture embroideries : brooches, headbands, hair clips, crowns and other unique hand-made items which will enhance your hairdo. They are created by Marie, our embroideries designer who was trained at the ÉcoleLesage.

We also propose natural accessories, handmade fresh flower and leaf crowns.

Here are the first images of our last photo shoot “Accessories”. The hairdos were realised by Daniel, the makeup by Camille. The dress with the bolero is a creation by la Maison de couture Capelier. The second dress with laces is a creation by Maison Philippe Roche. These pictures were shoot by the photographer Christelle Gilles, in the midst of an exceptional site :le Domaine  du Vallon des Sources, in Isle-sur-Sorgues, Provence.

Do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about our hair styling and makeup services in the south of France, and for your creation of tailor-made accessories.



Coiffeur Mariage Bordeaux Accessoires cheveux Conciergerie Daniel Chavey

Wedding Hair stylist Toulouse





Wedding Hair stylist Toulouse

Wedding Hair stylist Toulouse



Wedding hair styling service in Toulouse. Makeup artist and accessories designer. Contact us for a quote.

Latest Creation : the Fashion Wedding Headdress

Charlotte, a beautiful French lady living in Vietnam, contacted us several months ahead of her big day to order a special headdress. On this occasion, she wanted to wear a flowery wig, in the vein of that of Miou-Miou, in the movie “Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob” (1973).

coiffe mariage Miou Miou

Daniel was seduced straight away by the idea and threw himself into the making of this quite unusual accessory. To do so, he used stabilized fresh flowers as well as top of the range artificial ones. The result was beyond the bride-to-be’s expectations : a very stylish and graphic headdress which matched her wedding dress beautifully. Daniel was there on the day to set it up.

Paradoxically, in the end, the wig in its composition was as eccentric as it was plain. Camille, the makeup artist could then apply a sooty makeup around the eyes, more elaborate than the usual wedding makeup style.

This wig was a hit on the day of the event. Surprised and amazed at first, the groom, family and guests loved the concept, far from the stereotype of the postiche hairpiece, and with so much more character than the wreaths of flowers seen in most weddings for the past few years.

The wedding was held on a magnificent domain : Le Mas des Chutes, in Provence. The wig was worn during the morning ceremony. We also did all of the brides maids’ hair and makeup.

For the evening reception, we did the bride’s hair with a braided fringe enlivened with gypsophilas.

Florist : Valérie Bertrand. Photo report : Franck Boutonnet.

conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-11 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-4 perruque mariage conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-3 perruque mariage conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-1 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-7 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-2 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-5 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-9 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-6 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-10 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-12 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-15 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-13 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-14

Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot

04 Aug 2014, Posted by Daniel Chavey in Eye Glasses, Headdress, Make-Up, Shooting

The following images were shot in Christelle Gilles’ studio, staging very graphic retro-futuristic fashion headdresses. In the months to come, we aim to develop bride’s headdresses. We already have orders, which you will soon be able able to see photos of. Beyond the cliché of the medical hairpiece, they are refined tailor-made fashion accessories, made out of flowers or lace.

Many thanks to Julie Lambert of Lambert Optikk for lending us her very original frames, French made, by Caroline ABRAM and Traction Production.

I take this opportunity to let you know that, in the near future, we will proceed to the rental of very chic sunglasses, in collaboration with Julie.

Models : Camille Panicz and Nella Fragola

Make up: Manon Amiel

Perruques Mode Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles3 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles4 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles5 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles6

Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot