How to select your french wedding hairstylist and hairstyle

15 Mar 2016, Posted by Romain in Hair style
choose your french wedding hairstylist

On February 6th, we took part in the latest edition of the Love ETC exhibition, in Paris. Despite the fact that it was our first time there, the organisers solicited us to do the hair of the models for the fashion show, and to present a coaching-workshop for the bride-to-be and help her select her french wedding hairstylist.

We took this opportunity to write a short article summing-up the points brought up during that mini-conference.

Select your french wedding hairstylist

Beyond logistics, availability and rates issues, there are a few important points to address on the occasion of your first exchanges with a hairstylist-makeup artist.

First, you should request his portfolio. Each artist has his own style and it is important to make sure his work matches your taste.

Then, a good hairstylist should come up with suggestions. Ask for his advice and thoughts about your selections, your hesitations… if he casts doubt on your choices, it’s a good sign !

Finally, do not hesitate to ask him more technical questions : when should I wash my hair ? Will my hairdo and makeup last all day ?…

It is essential that you exchange as much as possible (by email or by phone) before your actually meet up, in order to figure him out and avoid being disappointed.

Choose your hairstyle and makeup

Before selecting your wedding hairstylist, you should think about the different choices your are going to make regarding your beauty enhancing. Many sites and blogs put forward wedding hairstyle and makeup inspiration pages, but you can start by taking a look at our portfolio. Our Pinterest board, and that of other wedding professionals, also provide endless inspiration.

Furthermore, you probably noticed that brides’ hairstyles and makeups have changed a lot in the last few years, and have become more contemporary, with a more “editorial” approach. Getting inspiration from fashion magazines is a guaranty for you to pick a trendy and modern hairstyle.

Finally, your wedding theme, its colour code, the place where your wedding will take place are as many pieces of information which will be helpful to your hairstylist for him to define “who you are” and the style you should go for : bohemian, bucolic, rock, retro, etc… Do not be afraid by labels, all hair and makeup styles are inspired by codes and trends ! The stylist should be able to use them without falling into the clichés.

Stay true to yourself

It is essential that your choices are consistant with your personality, your facial features, what does or doesn’t suit you. The stylist should know how to bring out your morphological assets.

Make sure you don’t ask for a style too different from who you are and from the way you do your hair and makeup everyday. You shouldn’t feel “disguised”, but confortable with your hair and makeup.

Photo credit : Alison Bounce, Banner : Rémi Dupac, Hairstyle : La Conciergerie French Wedding Hairstylist.

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