A makeup matching the groom’s suit !

16 Jun 2016, Posted by Romain in Hair style, Make-Up

Finally, here are this season’s photo reports ! Let’s start with a beautiful wedding which took place in the magnificent Moulin des Gaffins estate, an ancient 17th century windmill, within a typically Provençal setting, welcoming and authentic.

During the preparations, the bride was surrounded with her witnesses. Daniel realised a very natural bun, trimmed with a veil during the ceremony. Amandine suggested a personalised makeup, mixing the pigments to obtain the tinges desired by the bride. For the blush, she used a nude, a peachy pink and a bright earthly colour (for good complexion). A mixture of beige and flashy orange taylor-made lipstick for a coral effect, matching the groom’s trousers !
To obtain a “bitten-lips” effect, mat but hydrated, the excess lipstick was removed with a tissue.

“The atmosphere was relaxed until we told the bride that we were done with her. We then felt an adrenaline rush…”

This beautiful wedding is the opportunity to enhance our makeup services and to respond to various questions which we often get asked.

Our Provence wedding makeup artist services

The makeup artists in our team are specialised in weddings. They mainly intervene in Provence but can move across the country. Some of them are also hairstylists and can therefore offer a complete range of services to the bride. The others will be accompanied by a hairstylist. We regularly send out several of our stylists/artists when there are many guests to be looked after.

Our makeup artists, most of them coming from the fashion and cinema worlds, are all skilful and able to meet all demands. They have the secret for a natural makeup and will help you make the best choices according to your skin tone, eye colour and lips shape. They use professional products for a perfect and long lasting finish.

If you are interested in our Provence wedding makeup artist services, please contact us  to find out about our availabilities.
Here are a few pictures from Alexandre Lorig’s (photographer in Avignon) photo shoot.
Provence wedding makeup artist

Provence wedding

Provence wedding makeup artist

Provence wedding makeup artist

Provence wedding makeup artist

Alexandre Lorig Photographe (7 sur 7)

Alexandre Lorig Photographe (17 sur 23)

Provence wedding

Provence wedding makeup artist

Provence, the perfect place for all brides and grooms to be, with its sunny climate, beautiful landscapes and sumptuous domains… Here are the latest “wedding in Provence” inspiration photo shoot’s images, which we participated in, in collaboration with the well-known american site “Style me Pretty”.

Carefully selected partners

This project was at Elodie and Delphine’s instigation, from “La Fabrique à Rêves”, excellent wedding planner in Paris and the South of France. Their planning of the day and team coordination were amazing.

Daniel styled the hair of both models from the Enjoy Agency. Disheveled “haute-couture” bun with a natural finish for the one, wavy “rétro-chic” inspiration for the other. He also did the men mannequin’s hair. The gypsophila crown and the bouquet were prepared by the florist Virginie Seller from “L’Art qui pousse”.

Amandine, from the Conciergerie, intervened as a makeup artist. She chose a rather natural finish, bringing out the eyes.
The dresses were lent by Krikor Jabotian and the suits by Toxan. The table decoration was set up by Côté Bastide.
The photo shoot, realised by the photographer Audrey Neracoulis, took place at Château Margüi, a magnificent domain amongst the vineyards. It ended with a “fashion boudoir” session in the vintage bathroom.
A video by Gabriel Menassier from MG Image was made for the event and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Style me pretty Provence  Style me pretty ProvenceStyle me pretty Provence Style me pretty Provence Style me pretty Provence Style me pretty ProvenceStyle me pretty Provence Style me pretty Provence  Style me pretty Provence Style me pretty Provence

Perfect Harmony In Provence // from Menassier Gabriel ///mg image on Vimeo.

Style me Pretty

Find all the images from the photo shoot on the Style me Pretty publication, THE American and international wedding inspiration blog, a gold mine for the brides-to-be from all around the world.

The Beauty and Image Conciergerie has been growing since it’s launch last year. Our “hair and makeup” wedding packages have been very successful last summer in Marseille, Avignon and Montpellier, and we already have over 50 brides entrusting us for the season to come ! All our brides were satisfied about their hairdos. Several have recommended us around them or have become regular customers to whom we send our private hairdressers.
For all this and for the trust they have given us, we thank them !
Driven by this success, we do not stop there ! 2015 is likely to be the year of novelties for the Conciergerie Daniel Chavey : new recruits, new partners, news projects… only good news !

Training, beauty corners and private hairdressers

We are planning to start a training center in the near future, dedicated to hair styling and makeup, as well as organise sessions of self-hair styling and self-makeup through DIY workshops dedicated to cosmetics and hair accessories. More details coming soon !
We also are in the process of developing “beauty corners” in perfumery chains, promoting quick hair styling and makeup, and are setting up partnerships with the group Pronuptia, in 10 of their points of sales in the South of France.
The Conciergerie also intends to set up its own network of private hairdressers ans makeup artists in the South of France and in Paris. These services are already available in the Avignon area. To be continued…

New members in our team

We recently welcomed Agnès in our team, a studio hairdresser with an impressive career path.
Agnès was responsible for the Dessange shops in the Southern area, was the Director of training center Sergio Bossi in Paris. She participated in fashion shows for Saint-Laurent, in photo shoots for magazines such as Bilba or New Look ; she also was the private hairdresser of personalities like Mathilda May, Georges Lautner, Marie Anne Chazel, Christian Clavier, Elisa Tovati…

The Conciergerie is also pleased to announce the arrival of a new top of the range photographer amongst our partners : Julien Scussel, an artist with a very modern touch who’s our favorite of the year 2014 !

You will soon discover Agnès and Julien’s portfolios on our site.

A lot of excitement and some great development perpectives for the year ahead. We can’t wait to tell you more !

Photo : Franck Boutonnet.

Find out more about or Wedding Hair Stylist services in Marseille

Wedding Hair Stylist Marseille

We offer hair styling and makeup services for weddings and other private events in Marseille and its surroundings. Check our price list and contact us for more information.

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Here is the ultimate beauty checklist to help you prepare for your wedding day in Montpellier, step by step, during the year preceding your big day.

9 to 12 months before the event : find you “wedding hairstylist Montpellier”.

•  You determine the budget you want to allow for your beauty on your big day. Don’t forget to include “pre-wedding” treatments (such as face care).

•  Start a beauty form to list informations, photos, magasine pages which will be a source of inspiration for your wedding day.

•  Google “Wedding hairstylist Montpellier” and click on the link. Contact us give us the details of your wedding project. We will recommend a hair-stylist and makeup artist from our team, with tarifs adapted to your budget. This partner will accompany you until your big day, and will be there on the day. ??

•  If you’re planning to change your hair colour or cut for your wedding, now is the time to do and talk about it to your hair-stylist.

Six to nine months ahead : discuss with your beauty contractor

•  Schedule your test appointment with your makeup and hairstyle artist

•  Start talking with her/him about your wedding, your dress… Send him/her pictures of you.

Four to six months ahead : prepare your skin cares

•  Consult with a skin specialist if you have skin minor problems which you wish to address prior to your wedding.

•  Test any new care products you might have in order to avoid a reaction on your big day.

•  Plan a calendar of appointments with your beautician (manucure,…). See with her if she needs to reshape your eyebrows.

Three months before your wedding : prepare your hair

• Cut your hair.

• Perform the hairstyle test with your hairstylist and makeup artist. If you are undecided, he may try several different styles.

• Choose your hair accessories with your hairstylist.

• Check with your makeup artist : he can prepare an ” emergency kit ” for D Day, with powder and lipstick (the same as those used for your face beauty).

Two weeks before : get ahead

• Have your roots retouched, if you have died or coloured hair.

• Prepare thoroughly indications regarding the the planning of your wedding and forward them to your hair stylists and makeup artist.

• To be up to date and stress free on your big day, pay ahead all the contractors taking part in your wedding.

A week before your wedding : check, secure

• Confirm all your beauty appointments

• Wax (eyebrows, legs, bikini…)

• Organise one of your flower girls to assist you on your big day (postiche, hair accessories…) so that you don’t have to worry about them.

One to two days ahead : homestretch !

• Apply an self-tanning lotion or go to a professional salon. Bear in mind that it will “smell” for a couple of days…

• Do your manicure and pedicure

• Wash your hair for the last time before your wedding. Freshly washed hair won’t hold as well.

• Apply a hair-lightening mask recommended by your beautician, and only if you have tried it before.

• Apply a treatment a deep capillary treatment with conditioner.

On your big day : be self-confident, everything is under control !

• Take a shower with a swim cap to keep your hair dry.

• Confirm your hair-stylist’s appointment time

• Don’t forget to moisturise your hands and check your manucure : all eyes will be staring at your wedding ring !

• Give your “emergency pouch” to your bridesmaid.

Here you are. Good luck !


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Photo : Chris Spira

Latest Creation : the Fashion Wedding Headdress

Charlotte, a beautiful French lady living in Vietnam, contacted us several months ahead of her big day to order a special headdress. On this occasion, she wanted to wear a flowery wig, in the vein of that of Miou-Miou, in the movie “Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob” (1973).

coiffe mariage Miou Miou

Daniel was seduced straight away by the idea and threw himself into the making of this quite unusual accessory. To do so, he used stabilized fresh flowers as well as top of the range artificial ones. The result was beyond the bride-to-be’s expectations : a very stylish and graphic headdress which matched her wedding dress beautifully. Daniel was there on the day to set it up.

Paradoxically, in the end, the wig in its composition was as eccentric as it was plain. Camille, the makeup artist could then apply a sooty makeup around the eyes, more elaborate than the usual wedding makeup style.

This wig was a hit on the day of the event. Surprised and amazed at first, the groom, family and guests loved the concept, far from the stereotype of the postiche hairpiece, and with so much more character than the wreaths of flowers seen in most weddings for the past few years.

The wedding was held on a magnificent domain : Le Mas des Chutes, in Provence. The wig was worn during the morning ceremony. We also did all of the brides maids’ hair and makeup.

For the evening reception, we did the bride’s hair with a braided fringe enlivened with gypsophilas.

Florist : Valérie Bertrand. Photo report : Franck Boutonnet.

conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-11 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-4 perruque mariage conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-3 perruque mariage conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-1 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-7 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-2 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-5 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-9 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-6 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-10 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-12 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-15 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-13 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-franck-boutonnet-14

A few pictures of a magnificent wedding which tool place last July on the premises of the Château De Massillan in Uchaux – Vaucluse.

The bride, coming from switzerland, called upon us for her make up and hairstyle. Daniel suggested a very plain yet sophisticated bun, enlivened with roses and olive tree leaves.

For the makeup, together with the bride, we chose a very natural finish, with a line of khol to make her eyes stand out and matched her dark hair to perfection.

We also did some of the guests’ makeup and hairdos.

On this occasion, we met Chris Spira, a particularly talented German photographer. The day we received the pictures of Mia’s wedding, we fell in love with her style and sensitivity, and straight away offered her to be part of the Conciergerie. Here is her portfolio.

coiffeur mariage provence conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira11 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira10 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira8 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira9 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira21 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira12 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira13 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira5 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira2 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira3 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira4 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira6 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira7 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira19 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira16 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira14 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira15 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira17 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira18 conciergerie-daniel-chavey-photo-chris-spira1

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Wedding Hair Stylist in Provence

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Mariage de Lise et Guillaume

26 Aug 2014, Posted by Romain in Flowers, Hair style, Make-Up

Quelques images du mariage de Lise et Guillaume dans les Bouches du Rhône auquel nous avons participé avec grand enthousiasme.

Le reportage photo, par Christelle Gilles, couvre l’événement des préparatifs jusqu’au vin d’honneur.

La mariée a choisi un chignon tressé orné de roses et de gypsophiles, et un maquillage assez naturel, par Manon Amiel.

Photographe Mariage Bouches du Rhône 1_MARIAGE-LG-68641 1_MARIAGE-LG-69041 1_MARIAGE-LG-69021 1_MARIAGE-LG-67141 1_MARIAGE-LG-68901 1_MARIAGE-LG-72951 1_MARIAGE-LG-73071 1_MARIAGE-LG-69941 1_MARIAGE-LG-7048_2 1_MARIAGE-LG-70451 1_MARIAGE-LG-70071 1_MARIAGE-LG-70591 1_MARIAGE-LG-70671 1_MARIAGE-LG-71421 1_MARIAGE-LG-72221 1_MARIAGE-LG-73411 2_MARIAGE-LG-72681 2_MARIAGE-LG-73851 2_MARIAGE-LG-73951 3_MARIAGE-LG-21 3_MARIAGE-LG-76191 3_MARIAGE-LG-76341 3_MARIAGE-LG-76641 4_MARIAGE-LG-75901 4_MARIAGE-LG-76111 4_MARIAGE-LG-76691 4_MARIAGE-LG-77261 4_MARIAGE-LG-78721 4_MARIAGE-LG-79211 4_MARIAGE-LG-79311 4_MARIAGE-LG-79841 photographe-mariage-bouches-du-rhone

Photographe Mariage Bouches du Rhône

Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot

04 Aug 2014, Posted by Daniel Chavey in Eye Glasses, Headdress, Make-Up, Shooting

The following images were shot in Christelle Gilles’ studio, staging very graphic retro-futuristic fashion headdresses. In the months to come, we aim to develop bride’s headdresses. We already have orders, which you will soon be able able to see photos of. Beyond the cliché of the medical hairpiece, they are refined tailor-made fashion accessories, made out of flowers or lace.

Many thanks to Julie Lambert of Lambert Optikk for lending us her very original frames, French made, by Caroline ABRAM and Traction Production.

I take this opportunity to let you know that, in the near future, we will proceed to the rental of very chic sunglasses, in collaboration with Julie.

Models : Camille Panicz and Nella Fragola

Make up: Manon Amiel

Perruques Mode Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles3 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles4 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles5 Coiffure-Daniel-Chavey-Photo-Christelle-Gilles6

Wigs and Glasses Photo Shoot