The beauty checklist for your wedding

26 Feb 2015, Posted by Romain in Accessories, Flowers, Hair style, Make-Up
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Here is the ultimate beauty checklist to help you prepare for your wedding day in Montpellier, step by step, during the year preceding your big day.

9 to 12 months before the event : find you “wedding hairstylist Montpellier”.

•  You determine the budget you want to allow for your beauty on your big day. Don’t forget to include “pre-wedding” treatments (such as face care).

•  Start a beauty form to list informations, photos, magasine pages which will be a source of inspiration for your wedding day.

•  Google “Wedding hairstylist Montpellier” and click on the link. Contact us give us the details of your wedding project. We will recommend a hair-stylist and makeup artist from our team, with tarifs adapted to your budget. This partner will accompany you until your big day, and will be there on the day. ??

•  If you’re planning to change your hair colour or cut for your wedding, now is the time to do and talk about it to your hair-stylist.

Six to nine months ahead : discuss with your beauty contractor

•  Schedule your test appointment with your makeup and hairstyle artist

•  Start talking with her/him about your wedding, your dress… Send him/her pictures of you.

Four to six months ahead : prepare your skin cares

•  Consult with a skin specialist if you have skin minor problems which you wish to address prior to your wedding.

•  Test any new care products you might have in order to avoid a reaction on your big day.

•  Plan a calendar of appointments with your beautician (manucure,…). See with her if she needs to reshape your eyebrows.

Three months before your wedding : prepare your hair

• Cut your hair.

• Perform the hairstyle test with your hairstylist and makeup artist. If you are undecided, he may try several different styles.

• Choose your hair accessories with your hairstylist.

• Check with your makeup artist : he can prepare an ” emergency kit ” for D Day, with powder and lipstick (the same as those used for your face beauty).

Two weeks before : get ahead

• Have your roots retouched, if you have died or coloured hair.

• Prepare thoroughly indications regarding the the planning of your wedding and forward them to your hair stylists and makeup artist.

• To be up to date and stress free on your big day, pay ahead all the contractors taking part in your wedding.

A week before your wedding : check, secure

• Confirm all your beauty appointments

• Wax (eyebrows, legs, bikini…)

• Organise one of your flower girls to assist you on your big day (postiche, hair accessories…) so that you don’t have to worry about them.

One to two days ahead : homestretch !

• Apply an self-tanning lotion or go to a professional salon. Bear in mind that it will “smell” for a couple of days…

• Do your manicure and pedicure

• Wash your hair for the last time before your wedding. Freshly washed hair won’t hold as well.

• Apply a hair-lightening mask recommended by your beautician, and only if you have tried it before.

• Apply a treatment a deep capillary treatment with conditioner.

On your big day : be self-confident, everything is under control !

• Take a shower with a swim cap to keep your hair dry.

• Confirm your hair-stylist’s appointment time

• Don’t forget to moisturise your hands and check your manucure : all eyes will be staring at your wedding ring !

• Give your “emergency pouch” to your bridesmaid.

Here you are. Good luck !


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