Local and national trips | French : mother tongue, English, German : excellent.

Stéphanie Pracht was born in the North-East of France, in Alsace.

She speaks fluent French, German and English.

Makeup and hairstyling have been her callings ever since she was a child. She used to practice her skills on her family members from the age of 8 !

At first, she is drawn by the entertainment industry, and joins the National Theatre of Strasbourg.

When she turns 18, she moves to Paris and begins her career in the drama world. She then moves onto cinema and TV sets, but her passion for the beauty industry remains intact.

In 1994, she goes to Vienna – Austria, on the occasion of the famous “Life ball”, and it is by Jean-Paul Gaultier’s side that she starts her career in the fashion world.

She then strings together shootings for magazines, advertising campaigns or celebrities, fashion shows, and thanks to her talent, has the opportunity to work alongside renowned photographers and prestigious brands.

She also obtained her artist visa for the United States and worked in New-York for a few years.

She is now settled in the South of France and, via La Conciergerie, offers brides her beauty enhancing services for high-end weddings throughout France.